Phantom Development: A Harried Enterprise Company


Welcome to the recently restructured playground that I call Phantom Development. If you've been here before, I'm sure you've noticed the new look. If you remember the look of the old site and bothered to read any of the content for the site, you may remember me stating that the look of that site was only supposed to be temporary and that it was not a design of my own. That's not the case here.

With this new look comes new content and new features. I have taken up the challenge of learning and implementing the new HTML 5 web standard and CSS 3 techniques. Bare with me as I am still new at this so many of the pretty animations, gradients, opacity changes, and other features included with CSS 3 many not work in all browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or below, chances are you won't see any of the things I just listed. If you know any good resources that I should look into, please do not hesitate to drop me a line via the contact link to the left or via any of the contact methods posted above. I am still just as eager to learn more now as I was when I created my first website in 9th grade.

The Purpose of This Site

As with the last version of this site, this version has a dual-purpose. First and foremost, I would hope that after veiwing this site, someone may see potential and offer me a job or career oppertunity. The second is purely personal. I felt that I needed a place (other than my computer) to showoff some of my current and former projects.